Tuesday, July 12, 2011

17 Reasons to Ban Ticket Cameras

The housing economyis not the only industry having frau.. Check out this article that illustrates how governments are pushing stuff on us in the area of DRIVING and TICKETS

17 Reasons to Ban Ticket Cameras: "5. Less Safe
Multiple studies show an INCREASE of accidents with red light and speed cameras.
Driving conditions on roads and freeways are made more dangerous by interrupting the free flow of traffic as people respond to the presence of cameras. The same goes at red light camera intersections where drivers slam on their brakes to avoid tickets.
6. Lack of Audit and Oversight
There is no stated maintenance or audit program by any government authority of the private camera vendors and their equipment and processes to ensure reliability and accuracy.
7. Uses our money to feed out of state Corporations

The two camera vendors that operate in Washington, Redflex (from Australia) and American Traffic Solutions (from Arizona), receive an average of 50% of the money that is generated by the cameras."

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