Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Malicious Parking Policies of Los Angeles: VIDEO OUTRAGE

The Group  Full Disclosure Network®, reveals parking meter abuse in L.A, California. Watch the outrageous video below.

2 Hour Parking Limit For 3 Hour Event
Because the parking meters took quarters only, for each ten minutes, most visitors did not have the required eighteen quarters necessary to pay for the entire three-hours during the event in the Community Room.  But even if the visitors did have enough quarters they would have exceeded the two-hour parking limit as posted on the meters.  According to the parking ticket victims appearing in the video, many if not most of the parking meters were malfunctioning, resulting in $50 parking tickets. Watch this one-minute video of a parking enforcement officer issuing a ticket to a person who parked in a non-working parking meter space.  
L.A. County Division Parking Chief Caught On Camera
A nearby county operated parking lot designated for "overflow parking" cost $8 for 24 hours but the ticketing machine was malfunctioning with confusing and conflicting instructions, as demonstrated in the video. Visitors were ticketed $60 for failing to abide by the confusing instructions.
County Officials Defend Parking Enforcement Abuse:
Appearing in the video is  Paul Wong,  Division Chief, Planning Division and Debra Talbot, PR/Marketing Dept of the L A County Department of Beaches & Harbors

So what do you think?  Is this too far? Pay the fine and go? Change meters? What WOULD YOU do?

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