Friday, November 5, 2010

Want to Earn $10-12 an Hour? Be a ‘Foreclosure Department Supervisor’ - ProPublica

Want to Earn $10-12 an Hour? Be a ‘Foreclosure Department Supervisor’ - ProPublica: "But Ally, the company whose GMAC Mortgage Unit played a part in setting off the scandal, seemed to have loftier requirements than others. Take this job listing from Chase posted two days ago seeking a “Quality Specialist” to review foreclosure documentation. The job description says the worker will be responsible for ensuring “compliance with affidavit certification and notification procedures.” But under qualifications, two years of lending experience, some college experience, and prior experience in foreclosure processing are listed as “preferred” or “strongly desired.” Only a high-school diploma is required.

Bank of America, the nation’s largest servicer, appears to be hiring temporary foreclosure specialists through a staffing agency. Required skills include a high-school diploma and either some college experience or “two years of foreclosure or bankruptcy experience outside of Bank of America.” Included in the job description: “Reconcile financial transactions to ensure maximum recovery for BAC [Bank of America Corporation].”

American Home Mortgage Servicing, too, requires only a high-school diploma or GED, with a year of experience in banking or mortgage servicing “preferred.”"

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