Monday, November 1, 2010

Today is the Start - Why Aren't You Making Money?

Today is the start of this new blog.  Foreclosures and Housing is a passion and they affect our economy, but so much more is involved with American Economics.  In my journey blogging on Foreclosures, Evictions and You - I have touched onto many like subjects without complete understanding of them. Unemployment, Political, Gold, The Federal Reserve and much more.  Because of the intertwining, I felt a need to start a new blog for the intertwining vines.

Today,  I  watched one more judgement against the homeowner, by a judge who would not address some issues. I have to say it, homeowners rock, often the bank lawyers have not much to say and can't address much but the judges help them save face.  They allow them extra room to be unprepared or to find more information.  Afterwards; during the post mortem dialog , the conversation evolved around the WHYS. You know how it is: "Why didn't you do this?", "Why did you say that?",  "Why did the bank lawyer give you the finger? (JUST TESTING - had to see if you were really reading.)  "Why did the judge say denied?"

Eventually the all important question comes up, "Why not file a new civil case downtown?"   The answer is all to common,  "I dont' have the funds."   It costs money to start a lawsuit, even if you do it on the cheap without a lawyer, costs can pile up to $1,000 faster than you can blink an eye.

After talking a few minutes a friend gave our pro se friend a suggestion for making money.  She first had listened to the experience of the woman we were talking to and then she asked the question at just the right moment,


My friend reflected back to the woman some of the great qualifications she had heard and asked, have you considered doing professional work in the legal field just in this area?  "Only a handful of people are doing this and there is so much need".

I watched as the idea was bandied about.   Like most other self employed people, the economic trap was laid three years ago and flexibility is something that MUST happen to become solvent again. Finding a niche is one thing, pushing through to earn enough in the next few months to live on is another.   For many it will be a FRESH NEW START in earning more and regaining confidence.  Like many other self employed, staying in the comfort zone of what she was already doing, trapped her into low income.

It is amazing how fast your confidence can erode.  A few years of suffering can make the best of the best want to give up and return to the  minimum wages that WalMart  or McDonalds offer.


So, to my readers here it is:  brush off your suit jacket, shine your shoes and find your niche. Find your Passion and see if there is a way to earn money from it.  You will be immune from unemployment woes if you find your Passion and discover a hot new niche.   Consult with friends, family, and other professionals. Take a college course or two if necessary.

For me, my flexibility will be found in  my blogs, writing online and holding seminars for experts to help homeowners.  For our friend this morning, I hope it opens up a new business combining her experiences in real estate and law.  What is it for you? What is your PASSION?

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