Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political Economy - Elections are Over

Well the election is over and it seems as predicted for the most part.  In Arizona Brewer is still Governor, In the White House Obama is still President.  Republicans control the House and Democrats the Senate.   Pretty much doing what America wants, creating a stale mate in arriving at change.  Change they wanted, Change they got and now Changing the mind on Change seems to be the sentiment of the day, according to voters.

How will the shift in powers affect Banking, Housing, Law, GOLD, the monetary system, retirement and healthcare remains to be seen.   Can they work together behind the closed doors?  BUT, most importantly - will this country ever have a third party again?  A third party is desperately needed if we are to restore America to a strong vibrant country.   Watch video news in the right hand column and leave a few comments!

 I hope to have contacted every political figure that deals with Arizona. You too should contact your political "leaders" and let them know your thoughts on the economy and how to restore greatness.   A new feature added to to this blog is the video news in the right hand column.

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