Friday, December 24, 2010

Geithner on Foreclosure Fraud: What’s the Problem? | MyFDL

Geithner on Foreclosure Fraud: What’s the Problem? | MyFDL: "Geithner cannot admit the truth. He lied in front of Congress rather than admit the truth.
Because to admit the truth, that the Banking system started some ten years ago setting into play a scheme to defraud and steal property from homeowners, is to admit that the very institutions that he has worked with, regulated and now supervises are corrupt to the very core. That would be like admitting that his life has no meaning. He has spent his career as a regulator of financial institutions and he is a failure and has a career of failure. Geithner will not admit that. His narcissim will not allow it. So, he will blame the smallest denominator in the fraud equation and he will use that pawn as his scapegoat. Because to go after the Banking institutions who have without a doubt committed security fraud, who have using fraud and without due process stolen private property would be to admit that he, as a Bank Regulator, which has been his only career, is a complete, utter failure and a fraud. He is not going to do that.
His testimony did not spring from ignorance but from deliberate, practiced, deceit with himself and with the country."

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