Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I'm Putting All My Cash Into Gold

read full article by clicking title link Why I'm Putting All My Cash Into Gold: "There aren't many liquid money alternatives except gold, and because gold is still very attractive in relation to cash, I think buying gold is the right thing to do. Below, I'll explain further why I'm putting my entire Rising Star Portfolio cash hoard of almost $5,000 into gold. Tomorrow, I'll tell you the safest, most convenient way to do it.

Cash is really government debt
First, I'm not doing this because I want to make money -- gold is money, and who ever got rich buying money? I'm doing this because I want to protect what I have. Today, you've got two choices for money: currencies issued by central banks, or hard assets like gold. Remember that in a debt crisis, debtholders worry about getting their money back. Well, it's a similar situation in a sovereign debt crisis, except that governments that borrow in their own currencies can always pay debtholders back by creating more of it, diluting the existing currency's value. Therefore, by holding cash, you expose yourself to the very real risk of losing significant purchasing power as a sovereign debt crisis unfolds.

But maybe this crisis has made gold expensive while simultaneously putting paper"

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