Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 2012 Trump Card | NBC New York

The 2012 Trump Card | NBC New York: "And he’s hardly a man of the people, with his distaste for handshaking—he is something of a germophobe—and his life of luxury. Forbes magazine puts Trump in a six-way tie for 153rd-richest American, with an estimated worth of $2.4 billion.
Despite these potential drawbacks, Stone believes America is ready for a larger-than-life, multiply married, multiply bankrupt, lavishly attired real-estate mogul, casino developer, beauty-pageant owner and reality-television star as its next Republican president.
“Trump would be a giant in a field of pygmies,” Stone said. “Donald Trump; Tim Pawlenty. Which one have you never heard of?”
The political establishment is skeptical about Trump’s intentions, to say the least.
“Donald Trump is the king of personal marketing, and saying he’s thinking about running for president is a great way to get his name in everyone’s mind,” said GOP consultant Ron Bonjean. “It seems unlikely that he would actually run. He has a number of political weaknesses that would make it difficult to survive the nominating process.”
Trump’s fellow New Yorker Ari Fleischer, the former George W. Bush press secretary, said Trump’s gruff, flashy persona would be a “tough sell” in the heartland."

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