Sunday, February 27, 2011

Google Revamps Its Search Engine to Fight Cheaters -

Google Revamps Its Search Engine to Fight Cheaters - "Google said the effort that resulted in the latest search change has been underway for about a year. In order to learn which sites users find to be of poor quality, Google earlier this month began offering software for its Chrome browser that allows users to block sites from their search results if they deem them to be low quality.


Digits: Google Engineer Explains Spam Issues
Once blocked, the sites won't appear during future searches. Google on Thursday said that while it didn't use data from the experiment to influence the changes it made to its algorithm, it found that the algorithm change covered 84% of the Internet sites that were the 'most-blocked' by users.

One new competitor to Google, start-up search engine Blekko, relies on its users to weed out what they believe are poor sites in categories such as health, cars and personal finance.

'Overall Google has done a great job and there are very few cracks in the system,' said Seth Besmertnik, chief executive of Conductor Inc., a company that helps companies such as General Electric Co. and Federal Express rank highly on search engines. 'But spammers are getting smarter and Google needs to keep getting smarter.'"

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