Saturday, February 19, 2011


A SICK OUT - is what it was called.  Thousands of teachers called in sick, so that they could attend protest.  I am concerned that teachers cannot stand up for the truth and protest without calling in sick.  KIDS also were attending the protest with teachers.   WE wonder why we have kids grow up without values????   PROTEST fine, but LYING to do so?  

 WHAT coudl possibly be worse?  DOCTORS are attending the protest and handing out notes to cover the "sickness". Maybe they are sick - like insane to think this is okay!    On the sister blog, Foreclosures Evictions and You - it is constantly brought out how the banks are lying, forging documents to allow foreclosures.  HOW is this any different.  Clean it up TEACHERS! 


  1. The lines of spending have to be drawn somewhere, and no matter where that line is, someone will get upset and hurt. People have got to realize that now is the time for some sacrifices, if we are to bring this country out of the pit it's in.

  2. The issue here is not taking a pay freeze or a pay cut. the issue is that the governer wants to eliminate collective bargaining rights. Let's keep that issue front and center.

    If the teachers don't say they were sick, they probably can be fired for missing work for a reason other than acceptable reasons listed in their contracts.It seems to me that their options are:
    1. Shut up and accept any unfair thing that happens to them, or...
    2. Protest and make their voices heard and bend the rules to do so.