Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Delta adds leg- room in Economy Comfort: Luxury for the frugal

Last year, I wrote an article titled "How to have Luxury on a Budget."  At the time my article  How to Enjoy Luxury On A Budget - travel and everyday life, had information on a new program by United for adding a bit more leg room for a relatively small amount of money.  For those not wanting to pay for first class it was a great alternative. Now there are some other airlines joining in the "affordable luxury" club.

Today it was announced that Delta has added more leg room and comfort for international passengers with an upgrade of only $80.00 - 160.00.    Not bad to make life more pleasant while jetting internationally.

Delta Economy Comfort promises to help passengers reduce a little of traveling stress  with Early Boarding, Free Booze and 4 extra inches of leg room.  Additionally seats will recline another 50%.  What that additional recline will do to passengers seated behind the Economy Comfort seat, is anyone's guess at this point.   I have not heard any reviews. 4 inches does not seem like a lot, but for those with longer legs - well 4 inches may make a considerable difference in comfort. 

By using a Skymiles credit card a person could afford this flight by getting a free bag on every trip.  Most airlines are charging for suitcases (go Southwest airlines for being reasonable and not charging.) and the savings can be put towards the upgraded comfort seating.  I am not a big fan of credit cards and recommend paying the flight off as soon as possible. 

According to Delta's website the seating is available soon: 

Economy Comfort seats will be available for purchase and booking in May 2011 for travel beginning in Summer 2011.

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