Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loan Modification Hell: New Solutions To Avoid Losing Your Home - CBS

Practical advice for those wishing loan mods... be aware asking for a modification is like green light to the bank to start foreclosure process - at least that is the way it seems if you sit in court and listen to forcible eviction tales. This post below if you click on link has some help offered for those that are in load modification process HELL... also a link to horror stories so you can anticipate the problem and adddress quickly. You are not alone.

Loan Modification Hell: New Solutions To Avoid Losing Your Home - CBS "I’ve been hearing from more homeowners who are frustrated by the customer no-service they’re getting from their lenders when they call to ask about a loan modification.

If you ask the government, you’ll be told (as I was recently) that great strides have been made over the past two years.

It’s true, but that’s cold comfort if you’re about to be foreclosed upon.

I had another conversation with my contact at the OCC today. He asked me to remind you that there are some specific steps you should take if you feel as though you’ve reached the end of the line with your federally-chartered bank and/or the HUD-certified housing counselor you’ve been working with.

Assuming you’ve already taken those steps, consider the following:

File a complaint with the OCC’s customer assista"

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