Friday, March 11, 2011

Changing ticket prices in sports fans’ futures SportsWatch - MarketWatch

Changing ticket prices in sports fans’ futures SportsWatch - MarketWatch: "Sports fans are used to paying higher ticket prices, be it from scalpers or online exchanges such as StubHub. But increasingly, it’s the teams that are the ones changing the price.

NFL, players extend talks
Ed Garvey, former executive director of the NFL Players Association, and NFL players' agent Robert Roche talk with Lee Hawkins about what's at stake and possibility of an agreement.

In the past two months, the St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland Athletics have set up for what’s known as dynamic pricing — where the cost of seats varies based on a number of factors, including demand, quality of opponent and even weather. The Chicago White Sox introduced the system for its final homestand last season.

Think airfares or hotel rooms, where the same thing bought three months earlier may be sold at a different price for the day before.

Several basketball teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets, already employ dynamic pricing, but it’s arguably baseball where the system will have the greatest impact."

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