Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do You Need a Credit Report for Your Online Life? FAcebook offers Movie Rentals

Do You Need a Credit Report for Your Online Life?: "Your credit score carries significant weight in your financial life. Want to rent an apartment or buy a car? Good luck doing so with a bad credit score. The same logic applies to landing a job if you have a negative online reputation.

So says MyWebCareer, an early stage startup that has developed algorithms to run your “Career Score,” a credit check for your professional web persona. The service analyzes your Facebook profile, LinkedIn network, Twitter account and Google juice — evaluating more than 200 different variables in the process — and spits out a score between 350 to 850."  KEEEP reading by clicking on title link

Great article !  America's Economy is changing and evolving.

Now check out this other Mashable article by Stan Schroeder

Warner Bros. Starts Movie Rental Service on Facebook

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