Sunday, March 20, 2011

TheSpec - Progress reported in Japan’s efforts to ease crisis...

If one more person tells me that they are not worried because of what they watch on the news... .well I might just scream loud enough to wake up some people sleeping in the next room! If you REALLY thing the gov. is going to protect you - then look at the responses in natural disasters. Read up and listen to the words of officials in another country that tells people all is well.

TheSpec - Progress reported in Japan’s efforts to ease crisis...: "Another nuclear safety official acknowledged the government only belatedly realized the need to give potassium iodide to those living within 20 kilometres of the nuclear complex.

The pills help reduce chances of thyroid cancer, one of the diseases that may develop from radiation exposure, by preventing the body from absorbing radioactive iodine. The official, Kazuma Yokota, said the explosion that occurred while venting the plant’s Unit 3 reactor a week ago should have triggered the distribution. But the order came only three days later.

“We should have made this decision and announced it sooner,” Yokota told reporters at the emergency command centre in Fukushima. “It is true that we had not foreseen a disaster of these proportions. We had not practised or trained for something this bad. We must admit that we were not fully prepared.”"

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