Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Optimism for the economy - Audio of Bernanke talking Oil prices

It is hard to believe it but there is optimism out there for the economy.  With higher gas prices at the pump (and going up daily it seems)  Higher food prices, the cost of raising kids has gone up an incredible amount.   At the end of this post is an NPR report with Bernanke and his views about continued oil prices.  AUDIO.  There was also a report that steep budget cuts could hurt the economy.

Headlines in Google news search has headlines showing that Bernanke, Warren Buffett and other business leaders are optimistic but I'm still not hearing all the good news from PEOPLE about how things are better.  IN one report consumer confidence is UP Consumer sentiment hits three-year highand in another report consumer confidence is DOWN.  Sure there may be a slight increase in the amount of eating out again but you can bet it is not like it a couple of years ago.  It is still a worrisome time for many business owners.  Housing is still and incredibly worrisome market sector and the rising oil prices will not help.   Check out the sister blog Foreclosures Evictions and You to see what is happening in housing, mortgages and foreclosure world.

 Maybe the President, Bernanke and Buffett need to actually start going to the gas pump, themselves, in person.    It is now costing us about 75 cents to 1.00 a gallon more to fill up than  in just the last month or so.  The projection is for another 3.00 raise in the summer months.   That means our tank of gas filled up a couple times a week (sales job),  costs an additional 15.00 right now ( $120 per month) and by summer, will be an additional $280 - 360 per month.   

How do you think higher gas prices will affect:  prices of food,  the travel industry, public assistance applications, and employment figures? 

We are wondering if the leaders actually know what the heck IS happening in real America! 

Listen to the NPR report below: 

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