Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gas prices: How high will they go? : News : ConnectMidMissouri.com

Even listening to Neil Cavato just now on Fox News there are critics blasting the White House Administration and the INterior Department for delays in permits and slow response to gas price hikes.
Foolish for us to ignore the resources we have and we should pursue them is the mantra by Neil's guest. The Administration has been ordered to act on 5 drilling permits.

Wild Hair Brained Idea: I want to know - why doesn't Congress just give everyone an electric car and create permit fees of 50-100 to use it monthly. NO need to touch the reserves - just give anyone that wants one a cheap electric car to rent monthly.

Gas prices: How high will they go? : News : ConnectMidMissouri.com: "Gas prices rose again Tuesday. The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded sits at $3.52, up 15 cents for the month of March, and up for the 21st straight day.

In Mid-Missouri, gas prices have spiked about 20 cents in the past week. Jefferson City checks in with the most expensive gas at $3.40 per gallon. According to AAA; most other local cities are now selling gas for $3.39. On Monday, some Columbia gas stations were selling gas for $3.26 and $3.30 at parts of the Lake; but not anymore.

CNN Money.com reports California drivers are paying the most for gas. The state’s average is more than $3.90, but parts of Southern California have gas selling for nearly $5.00 a gallon."

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