Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gems From 2008 Paris Theft Found in Drainpipe -

NOTE: This was known as the robbery of the century as the Winston jeweler valued the jewelry initially at $110 million. This is clever story, even if it's not America's Economy - it is fascinating.

Gems From 2008 Paris Theft Found in Drainpipe - "More than two years after men dressed in wigs and scarves struck the Harry Winston jewelry store in Paris’s golden triangle of upscale shops, the police this week discovered a cache of sparkling diamonds from the theft in a far less glamorous place: a drainpipe in the northern suburbs of the city.

They found one diamond ring the size of a child’s marble, along with 18 other rings and 3 earrings, in a plastic container inside a concrete mold at the home of the man suspected as the mastermind in Seine-Saint-Denis.

The police were saying little about Monday’s discovery of jewelry valued at $20.6 million other than dryly describing the inventory. “We are saying nothing, nothing,” a police spokeswoman said Tuesday. “The judge is not happy that the information came out.”"

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